Faith Connection is a network of missional communities (MCs) made up of people from a multiplicity of different churches and various backgrounds, yet share a common interest in bringing gospel-centered justice to our cities by reaching out to the under-served and marginalized.

These grassroots movements are taking shape and working for measurable change with a strategic missional focus in serving at-risk youth, underprivileged children, and under-served communities:

We serve prisoners’ kids, at-risk youth, and disadvantaged children

We care for women and children displaced due to domestic violence

We care for widows, orphans, refugees, and the fatherless

We seek to bring restorative justice to the incarcerate, victims of crime, and communities affected by delinquency

We assist families in under-served neighborhoods and empower social resiliency in impoverished communities

We strive to develop missional leaders, mobilize gospel movements, and provide on-ramps for followers of Christ to join God in His active and redemptive mission in bringing hope, healing, and reconciliation to communities from Chattanooga, Tennessee (where our movement began) to the ends of the earth--for Christ's glory among every nation, tribe, and people.